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Social Selling Strategy

Social media is the ultimate equalizer and dominate process. Let us teach your sales teams how to be relevent on social networks and build your pipeline faster.

Measurable Social Selling Methods

Sales Methodology

Turning theory into action

Social Selling is still in its infancy but smart companies have realized that the impact it can have on their brand, pipeline and revenue is worth the investment.

Most social selling workshops do not yield results so companies lose traction in this new era or worse, they get the opinion that it doesn't work for them. I believe that social selling is the next evolution of sales and when done right, building a actionable framework, it can transform a company.

Social Selling Delivers Business Results

Social selling is no longer a talk track, it can be measured and has been attributed to millions of dollars in revenue.

The Art of Social Selling

This video was filmed in 2014 with Hootsuite to showcase the way that social networks have transformed the sales profession. Koka Sexton has been the the cutting edge of the social selling evolution before there was a name for it. He has advised hundreds of companies through live trainings, executive briefings and online courses on the theory and tactical application of leveraging social media as a sales tool since 2010

Social Selling Mastery

  • Leverage social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter and others applications to identify buyers online
  • Build your pipeline and measure the social selling results of your company
  • Become a resource for your customers and buyers through social updates that get engaged
  • Build a network of influencers and advocates that amplify eachothers social activity
  • Develop stronger relationships with your customers and get more referral business

Social Selling Methodology

  • Social selling strategy and execution planning
  • Social selling training for sales, marketing and executives
  • LinkedIn and Twitter profile optimization
  • Proven engagement strategies that drive new business
  • Using professional networks for lead generation
  • Online --> Offline --> Revenue
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